Inpatient rehabilitation programs

We offer several inpatient rehabilitation programs to deal with certain physical problems that interfere with normal activities. These problems may be caused by disease or injury. They may come on slowly, or they may be sudden and catastrophic. No matter what the circumstances, disability is a life-altering event. Our goal is always the same — to restore quality of life by helping you regain lost function.

Stroke specialty program

We help individuals who have had a stroke, many of whom experience a wide range of impairments, including paralysis or weakness of one side of the body, difficulty swallowing or speaking and thinking clearly.

Amputation program

We use a holistic approach, teaching people with limb loss to be more self-sufficient and to adjust to a different lifestyle.

Orthopedic program

Orthopedic injuries most often result from falls and motor vehicle collisions. Such injuries may damage bones or joints. To help people recover from orthopedic injuries, we focus on goals that help achieve maximum function. Rehabilitation emphasizes activities such as walking, dressing, bathing and use of adaptive equipment to perform daily activities. We encourage family involvement.

Pediatric rehabilitation

Children from birth to age 18 have a unique, eight-bed unit that has been designed, furnished and equipped specifically for children. We serve many needs here, including, but not limited to the following – brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple trauma, orthopedic conditions, amputations, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, failure to thrive, feeding difficulties, debility, oncology and cardiopulmonary conditions. Our family-centered approach recognizes that the family is central to a patient's ability to succeed. The team engages the family to make sure that each patient regains optimal function for their age and level of development. Ultimately, our goal is to reintegrate the patient to family, home, school and community.

Brain injury specialty program

Because brain injury may cause cognitive problems and physical impairments, we develop a comprehensive plan to promote independence.

Spinal cord specialty program

Your spinal cord sends messages from your brain to your body. When the spinal cord is injured, you may experience problems with movement and feeling. We create a plan, evaluate the need for assistive technology and help persons served adjust to living with an injury.



Scope of Services

Pediatric Rehabilitation Pediatric Rehabilitation
General Medicine Rehabilitation
General Medicine Rehabilitation
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Stroke - Neuro Rehabilitation Stroke - Neuro Rehabilitation
Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

To refer a patient to inpatient rehab in Greenville, call 1-800-219-8850,


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