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Vidant Health News: Vidant prepared for COVID-19, shares tips with public

March 19, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

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Across Vidant Health, preparations for COVID-19 continue.

"We know this is a historic event, we know how to respond to this," Vidant Health CEO Dr. Michael Waldrum said, "because we’ve responded to other large events in the past and we learned from where this hit before us."

Part of that coordinated response includes increased visitor restrictions at Vidant hospitals, emergency departments and offices. All visitors must be over the age of 16, an immediate family member and not experiencing any symptoms of illness. Only one person at a time may visit a patient or accompany a patient to an appointment.

"We’re doing this to limit the potential spread, allow the health workers to do their job," Vidant's Medical Director for Infection Control Dr. Keith Ramsey said.

Patient can help support by knowing when to call your doctor or use virtual care and when to arrive at the hospital.

"If you really have a real high fever, cough, chest pains, and you’re having trouble keeping fluids down, that’s a real emergency, that’s the patient that would benefit from going to the emergency department," Dr. Ramsey said.

Even if you don't need care, now is the time to take action.

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