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Vidant Health News: Vidant opening essential care and services

May 06, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

Vidant Health continues to adjust to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

“The virus is still in our community and still spreading,” said Vidant Health CEO Dr. Michael Waldrum

With efforts taken early on making an important difference in access to care now.

“There’s no question that the decisions and the actions taken at the federal, state and local level to give us time, basically, to prepare the health system to take care of COVID patients and all of our patients, was necessary,” Dr. Waldrum said.

“Even though it feels like an eternity we have very quickly put together machinery to deal with a global threat,” Vidant Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Niti Armistead.

That includes safety protocols like universal screening and masking, as well as sterilization and cleaning techniques.

“Safety is, has to be number one concern,” said Dr. Armistead.

“The hospital and the clinical environment, because of these tools and the things that we’ve done, is actually probably the safest environment,” said Dr. Waldrum.

One that's ready for an increase in essential care and services – those procedures and surgeries that if not done within four weeks, would cause harm to the patient. This includes select general and orthopedic surgeries, cardiac, vascular and gastro-enterology procedures.

“We need to encourage all folks to reach out and work with their doctor team, with their clinics, come to the emergency room if need be. COVID fears should not hold them back from receiving necessary care,” said Dr. Armistead.

“This is the time, to make sure that you’re talking to your provider, understanding the situation and are you getting the care that’s appropriate considering where we are right now,” Dr. Waldrum said.

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