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Vidant "Powers Up" cancer prevention effort

November 21, 2019 posted by Vidant Health News

More than 150 members of the community participated in a "Power Up" event at Vidant Medical Center in November. The campaign targeted cancer prevention and early detection.

Doctors screened patients free of charge and focused on breast, prostate, skin, head and neck cancers.

Phyllis DeAntonio with Vidant Cancer Care said the event is especially important to the East because eastern North Carolina has a higher incidence and mortality rate of cancer than other areas of the country.

The campaign is important because stressing early detection and regular screenings helps save lives, DeAntonio said.

"Power up is a term that we coined to help people become more aware, take control of their own health and well-being," DeAntonio said. "A lot of that relates to screening, early detection and prevention of cancer."

The event was also held at other hospitals within the Vidant Health system.

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