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Vidant MyChart increases patient engagement, involvement in care

November 05, 2014 posted by Amy Holcombe

GREENVILLE- Getting patients and their families involved in their care is one of the leading ways to improve patient outcomes. That’s one reason Vidant Health has introduced Vidant MyChart, a way for patients to manage their care on their smartphone, computer or tablet. 

MyChart is a secure online patient portal that allows patients to view their personal health information, connect with their health care team, request appointments, track their health and more.

Making information from the electronic health record available to patients and their families helps in health care decision-making, patient management of their own health and improving patient outcomes. 

“Informed patients are more likely to comply with their provider’s recommended regimen concerning their medical care,” said Dr. David Michael, chief medical information officer, Vidant Health. “They are also better able to communicate important health information to their providers, which can assist with their diagnosis and care plans.”

Along with improved health outcomes, active involvement of patients and families can lower underuse or overuse of medical services and reduce health care costs. For example, when patients seek care from multiple providers, patients who have copies of or access to their medical records, such as immunization records, can avoid unnecessary or duplicative laboratory tests or procedures.

If your health care has been provided by a Vidant Health hospital or a participating clinic of Vidant Medical Group or ECU Physicians, you are eligible for a MyChart account. 

To access Vidant MyChart you must obtain an activation code from your current health care team or you can request a code online by visiting to get started. 

Signing up is free and completely confidential. Join MyChart now to receive valuable, time-saving services from Vidant Health.
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