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Vidant Medical Center achieves Magnet® recognition

July 22, 2014 posted by Beth Anne Atkins

Vidant Medical Center achieves Magnet® recognition 

GREENVILLE – Vidant Medical Center recently received Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Magnet® recognizes health care organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and professional practice. 

“Achieving Magnet recognition means that you have committed to being a top performer in producing excellent outcomes for patients,” said Dr. Linda Hofler, senior vice president – nurse executive, Vidant Medical Center. “Being the best, when it comes to outcomes, is valuable to each and every patient who receives care in our organization and creates a sense of pride in every nurse that practices here. It means our nurses and the environment in which they provide care to patients are among the very best in the country.” 

To achieve Magnet recognition, organizations must pass a rigorous and lengthy process that demands widespread participation from leadership and staff. The process begins with the submission of an electronic application, followed by written documentation demonstrating qualitative and quantitative evidence regarding patient care and outcomes. If scores from the written documentation fall within a range of excellence, an on-site visit will occur to thoroughly assess the applicant. After this rigorous on-site review process, the Commission on Magnet will review the completed appraisal report and vote to determine whether Magnet recognition will be granted. 

In particular, the Magnet model is designed to provide a framework for nursing practice, research, and measurement of outcomes. Through this framework, ANCC can assess applicants across a number of components and dimensions to gauge an organization’s nursing excellence. The foundation of this model is composed of various elements deemed essential to delivering superior patient care. These include the quality of nursing leadership and coordination and collaboration across specialties, as well as processes for measuring and improving the quality and delivery of care. 

Vidant Medical Center started its multi-year Journey to Magnet Excellence® in 2011 with an assessment process, followed by a 2,000-page document submission. The document highlighted structures and processes that support transformational leadership, lifelong learning, community outreach, exemplary professional practice, quality care and improvement, patient experiences, collaboration, innovation and nursing research. In May, the medical center hosted four Magnet appraisers who conducted an on-site visit to verify the information submitted in the documents. 

“Receiving the Magnet designation is extremely exciting for our medical center and our community. This is the gold standard for the nursing profession and for hospitals throughout the country,” said Steve Lawler, president, Vidant Medical Center. “It is a privilege to be one of the 395 hospitals to receive this designation.” 

Lawler said that this recognition also “demonstrates a commitment to excellence. From the board room to the bedside, every member of our Vidant Medical Center team is focused on providing the very best for our patients. The recognition is the result of remarkable people doing incredible work.” 

U.S. News and World Report uses the Magnet® designation as a primary competence indicator to rank and report the best medical centers. 

Currently, there are 395 Magnet®-recognized organizations in the United States, Lebanon, Singapore and Australia. Benefits of a Magnet®-recognized hospital include the ability to: 

Attract and retain talent, 
Improve patient care, safety and satisfaction, 
Foster a collaborative culture, 
Advance nursing standards and practice, and 
Financial success.

About the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® 

The Magnet Recognition Program® administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the largest and most prominent nurses credentialing organization in the world, recognizes health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and professionalism in nursing practice. The Magnet Recognition Program® serves as the gold standard for nursing excellence and provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark for measuring quality of care. For more information about the Magnet Recognition Program® and current statistics, visit

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