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Vidant Health receives $30,000 grant from 1in9 organization to assist with cancer patients

November 02, 2016 posted by Beth Anne Atkins

GREENVILLE – The 1in9 organization has awarded Vidant Health a $30,000 grant to assist women undergoing treatment for breast, ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer or the gynecological cancers. The recipients, identified by their treatment team, must be proven to need financial assistance to meet the day-to-day expenses not otherwise provided for by other funding sources including but not limited to: transportation expense assistance, nutritional assistance and medication assistance.

“We are so pleased to partner with 1in9 to help female cancer patients here in eastern North Carolina,” said Scott Senatore, vice president for development, Vidant Health Foundation. “We appreciate the support of such an inspirational organization because the fight against cancer cannot be won alone.”

Stephanie Beguelin, with the help of her friends and family, founded the 1in9 organization because she was inspired to help others. Her inspiration was rooted in being a breast cancer survivor herself and realizing how many others were affected by the disease, as well as how many do not have the emotional support or financial resources to pay for their treatment. She was overwhelmed with this knowledge and felt the need to help others diagnosed with cancer.

The founding mission of the 1in9 organization is to assist women and their families facing financial crisis due to non-medical costs of cancer care. The organization initially began to help others through UNC Lineberger Cancer Center in Chapel Hill where Beguelin had been treated. Beguelin decided that she didn’t want to stop there, so she and her team at 1in9 recently reached out to Vidant Health to see how they could assist those in eastern North Carolina and expand their resources. After learning about the region’s higher mortality rates, as well as how many are uninsured and underinsured, 1in9 organization decided to give an initial grant of $30,000 to assist women cancer patients.

When Beguelin was asked about their reason for giving to Vidant and eastern North Carolina, she shared, “We are so excited about the remainder of 2016 and the ability to provide your patients with some desperately needed support. We truly look forward to growing this partnership and assisting eastern North Carolina women for the long haul. 1in9 is committed to removing barriers that would prohibit women from completing their cancer treatment. Our primary cancer focus has been breast cancer up to this point, and now we are expanding to include the gynecological cancers – ovarian, endometrial, cervical and uterine.”

Vidant Cancer Care and Vidant Health Foundation are truly grateful for the support of 1in9 organization, and grant dollars are already being distributed in our region to those in need. Patients are receiving assistance with lodging, meals, travel expenses, medicine, groceries, household needs or child care.

If you have any questions about Vidant Cancer Care, or would like to support our fundraising efforts, please contact Varessa Wall, Director of Development, Vidant Health Foundation at (252) 847-8994 or

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