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Vidant Health celebrates "birthday" at hospitals across eastern Carolina

January 25, 2012 posted by Beth Anne Atkins

GREENVILLE, NC – Eight hospitals in eastern Carolina marked the “birthday” of Vidant Health by unveiling new signs today. 

In late 2011, University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina announced plans to launch a new brand for the health system. 

“The new brand identity pulls together all the important services and facilities that make up our organization that is uniquely ours. It is legally protectable and reflects who we are,” said Dave McRae, chief executive officer of Vidant Health. 

During the last decade, the system has grown from one hospital to a network of interconnected physician practices, more than 11,000 employees, 10 hospitals, home health and hospice programs and wellness facilities.

“As our health system continued to grow, we found that many of our patients didn’t realize all that we offered,” said McRae. “By uniting all of our hospitals, programs and services under one brand, we will improve access to quality health care in the region by enhancing the patient’s experience and improving health outcomes.” 

All Vidant Health entities are active partners in their communities' well-being, providing access to quality health services for everyone through a complete system of care. Vidant Health highlights the passion for doing good in communities, not just doing business. As one of the largest employers in eastern North Carolina, Vidant Health supports communities economically as well as medically. 

The name Vidant Health brings to mind life, vibrancy and vitality and is closely tied to the system’s mission “to enhance the quality of life for the communities we serve, touch and support.” 

“For years, the name University Health Systems has stood for the highest level of care in eastern North Carolina. As we continue to evolve and strengthen our integrated system, the time has come to evolve our name as well,” said David Womack, chairman of the board of directors. 

“Our new name does not change who we are or our vision to help create a healthier eastern North Carolina,” McRae said. “Our new name expresses our mission and resolve to make this vision a reality. We will use our system’s resources and expertise to do good for the people of North Carolina. Above all, we are committed to improving the health of the people of our communities.” 

In late 2011, University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina had announced plans to shorten its name to UHS. In September, University Health Systems was informed by Pennsylvania-based Universal Health Services that it holds a trademark registration for the letters “UHS.” As a result, University Health Systems decided to undertake a change of direction with a complete rebranding program, culminating with the selection of the Vidant Health. 

For a complete listing of the name changes, please see attached chart. 
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