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Vidant Health hosts expo to provide support and awareness for Mental Health Month

May 22, 2015 posted by Amy Holcombe

GREENVILLE—One in four Americans suffers from a mental health condition. Behavioral health, or mental health, is a term used to refer to fields related to the study, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness and substance abuse. 

The aim of Mental Health Month is to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its preventive factors and benefits for mind and body.

The programs offered through Vidant Health offer a number of methods suitable to each patient’s situation. Vidant Health is committed to providing patients with a comprehensive assessment and developing a treatment and discharge plan that is tailored to each patient. The providers share a common goal of assisting patients as they regain control of their lives and reconnect with their families and community.

On May 28, Vidant Health is sponsoring a mental health expo from 2-7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn (formerly City Hotel & Bistro) located at 203 Greenville Blvd. Exhibitors from service organizations will be available to answer questions, provide information, present community resources, and support families and friends of those who suffer from mental health issues.

For more information about the expo or behavioral health services offered at Vidant Health, contact Timothy Livengood, Outreach Manager, at 252-847-8464 or 
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