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Vidant Health appeals denial of plans and permit revocation

September 16, 2014 posted by Chris Mackey

GREENVILLE, NC – Vidant Health will appeal the Town of Belhaven’s denial of proposed building plans and the revocation of the previously-issued building permit. 

“If the town wants the many benefits of this new facility, I’m confident we can work together to get it built,” said Dr. David Herman, CEO of Vidant Health. 

In December, 2013, Vidant Health purchased 19.4 acres between the Post Office and the Food Lion shopping center, south of Highway 264 in an area of town where several businesses are located. More than 10 other property options in the town of Belhaven were considered by Vidant, but they were too close to the river, not large enough, or they had potential environmental issues. The property at 601 Old County Road is within walking distance for Belhaven residents and it is serviceable by local utility operators, which are important points for town residents. 

After initially issuing a building permit last month, the Town of Belhaven denied Vidant Health’s building plans and revoked the building permit for the new 24-hour modern health care facility and helipad. The new facility would include all Vidant Medical Group physicians, staff and services under one roof, and have space available for specialists to see patients in this community. The site plan also includes a new helipad in Belhaven for emergency transports to a higher level of care for patients when needed. Plans and renderings for the proposed $4.2 million multi specialty health care facility can be found here.

Vidant Health is continuing to provide health care services for the people in the Belhaven community at our 24-hour clinic and at the three family medicine practices.
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