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Vidant Health Foundation awards more than $2 million in grant funds

October 04, 2016 posted by Beth Anne Atkins

GREENVILLE – The Vidant Health Foundation is distributing more than $2 million to 142 grants for communities in eastern North Carolina for the 2016-2017 grant cycle. Grants are being awarded for programs that focus on chronic disease prevention and management, nutrition and physical activity, and improving access to care.

"Vidant Health feels one of the best ways to empower people to be active partners in their own health care is to provide them with the education and tools needed to prevent and manage chronic disease,” said Scott Senatore, vice president, Vidant Health Foundation. “This is accomplished through establishing community partnerships with local non-profits. The grants program provides these organizations with financial support to develop and implement programs that provide: early detection of chronic illness, education on wellness and prevention strategies, community health initiatives, and health care services directly in the communities where people live.”

People across eastern North Carolina have benefited from the funded initiatives. Programs take place in civic centers, community gardens, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, schools, senior centers, and other community venues. The grants being funded help remove financial and transportation barriers in receiving health education and direct health services in rural communities. It is estimated that these grants will serve more than 300,000 people throughout eastern North Carolina.

The Community Benefits Grants Program was created in 1998 as a joint partnership between Vidant Health and the Vidant Health Foundation to address the health and wellness of Pitt County residents. As the health system grew, the grants program expanded to include the regional hospital service areas, as well. The overall goal of the program is to help people before they reached the point of being hospitalized for health conditions that could otherwise have been avoided.

The mission of the foundation is to help Vidant Health enhance the quality of life for the people and communities of eastern North Carolina by developing relationships and securing financial resources for targeted health and wellness services.

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