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Vidant Health Continues Relationship with Pantego Creek, LLC

February 28, 2014 posted by Chris Mackey

Vidant Health Continues Relationship with Pantego Creek, LLC 

Greenville, NC - On Tuesday, February 25, the membership of Pantego Creek, LLC voted in an overwhelming majority to support Vidant Health's plan to transition to a new model of health care in Belhaven. After much discussion in the community about the future of health care in Belhaven, the group voted against re-acquiring the hospital from Vidant Health and against taking action to prevent the closing of Vidant Pungo Hospital. After extensive discussion by the membership of Pantego Creek, LLC, a proposal to re-acquire the hospital and to take action against the closing of the hospital was defeated with a vote of 79 against and 24 for. 

“Based on the overwhelming mandate issued by Pantego Creek’s membership, the managers of Pantego Creek, LLC are taking the actions necessary to begin implementing the membership’s desire to continue to support Vidant Health's plans for the provision of health care services for the citizens of Belhaven, eastern Beaufort County and mainland Hyde County,” said C. Brantley Tillman, Pantego Creek, LLC board member. 

Vidant Health reviewed a variety of models of care considering historical service activity, future population and volume projections, financial viability and other factors. Based on all factors, the Vidant Pungo Hospital Board made the decision to move forward with the closing of the current facility and building a new 12,000 square-foot, $4.2 million multi-specialty clinic in Belhaven. 

“The 24/7 clinic is not the least expensive model of care Vidant Health could provide, but is a model that provides sustainable, high-quality health care options for the people in Belhaven and the surrounding community,” said Roger Robertson, president of Vidant Community Hospitals. “Vidant Health anticipated breaking ground on the new clinic as soon as possible, but has had to slow down activity as the town of Belhaven has been unresponsive to requests for zoning information and process regarding the property at 601 Old County Road.” 

Vidant Health considered several properties available within the town limits of Belhaven, but purchased 19.4 acres between the Post Office and the Food Lion shopping center, south of Highway 264. The property at 601 Old County Road is within walking distance to Belhaven residents, and serviceable by local utility operators. 

The town of Belhaven never made an official offer to Vidant Health regarding property to build the clinic. After reviewing a piece of property suggested by the Mayor for donation, Vidant discovered it has several environmental issues including old, underground storage tanks from a previous gas station and school, and the property is not large enough for a helipad. 

The closing date for Vidant Pungo Hospital is April 1, 2014. After the hospital closes, health care services will be available 24/7 at the Vidant Medical Group practice on Haslin Street in Belhaven while the new facility is constructed. 

“Vidant Health has been proud to provide health care and be an integral part of the communities in eastern Beaufort and Hyde counties since 2011. We look forward to continuing that relationship into the future,” said Roberston. 
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