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Exercise specialists offer tips on working toward fitness goals in new year

January 03, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

20170627_2470_PROP-(1).jpgGetting your New Year’s resolution fitness goals started is the easy part, but it’s hard to stay the course.

Vidant Wellness Center exercise specialists Meghan Everhart and Bronson Cline joined WNCT to discuss best practices to stick to goals of staying in the gym.

To start, don’t push yourself beyond your limits. It’s important to ease in and focus on your goals. Don’t be discouraged if others around you are doing more than you can. Keeping the focus on yourself and what you want to accomplish will make it easier to stay committed to your goals.

When thinking about your work out goals, be sure to make them reasonable for you. Make attainable, incremental goals and consider your health history when setting your bench marks. Think about your heart health or past injuries.

Cline said people often can burn themselves out early by setting unreasonable goals.

Everhart said another key is to make sure you are going to the gym and working on your fitness for yourself.

“Don’t do it for anybody else,” Everhart said. “If you’re going to come in and do it, do it for yourself.”

As you’re getting into the gym and trying to get comfortable, don’t hesitate to ask questions of the exercise professionals at the gym — they’re on-site to help you. If you think you need assistance from a doctor, reach out as needed.

Another key point Everhart and Cline stressed was that it is never too late to start working toward your fitness goals.

“Don’t be afraid to come in just because you think you’re older and it’s too late to start,” Everhart said. “It’s never too late to start, you’ll always have someone here to help you and classes are a good way to get started.

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