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Stand Up For ENC garners community interest, support

December 13, 2018 posted by Erica Mizelle

Greenville, N.C. – Stand Up for ENC, the movement sparked by the State Treasurer’s proposed cuts to State Health Plan reimbursements, continues to generate awareness and gain momentum.


Earlier today, Dr. Michael Waldrum, CEO of Vidant Health, sat down with community clergy representing churches throughout the region, to discuss the impact this would have on the communities Vidant supports.


“We have the second largest rural population in the country, in North Carolina—that’s 3.2 million people,” said Dr. Waldrum. “It’s about how we sit at community tables together and figure out how to improve our environments, the things we have control over, rather than letting someone else outside of eastern North Carolina dictate our future.”


Of the $400 million in cuts proposed by the State Treasurer, Vidant alone would stand to lose

$40 million a year, which would impact services, job opportunities and community support.


“Vidant is practicing sustainable health care on a community-based level,” said Rev. Richard Joyner, pastor of Conetoe Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. His community supported agriculture initiative and work on behalf of local farmers both rely on organizations like Vidant for support and sustainability.


“It is critical that Vidant has taken that road, to practice health care not just at the institutional level but at the community level, with transparency,” said Joyner, who was recently recognized as a Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation Community Achievement Award Recipient.


He and other community members recognize the domino effect massive cuts would have on business, economic and educational opportunities throughout eastern North Carolina.


“We want a plan that we’re involved in creating, not a plan that is imposed upon us that we have to respond to,” said Rev. Joyner. “We want a collaborative resolution that supports our communities in a sustainable way.”



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