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Portable scanner brings imaging to patients

July 18, 2012 posted by Beth Anne Atkins

Portable scanner brings imaging to patients

GREENVILLE – Vidant Medical Center patients who are unable or too sick to be transported to radiology for a computed tomography (CT) scan can now have the diagnostic service performed in their rooms.

The CereTom is an eight-slice CT scanner that delivers the highest-quality scans in every conceivable patient location. The machine is 60 inches tall, 28 inches wide and 52 inches across. It weighs about 900 pounds and is controlled by a scanner driver system that allows a single user to easily transport the Ceretom. Once the scanner arrives at its destination, the externally mounted drive system can be detached and used as a free-standing laptop workstation.

"The portable CT scanner allows us to obtain CT scans of the brain in the intensive care units on patients with problems such as severe brain injuries and brain hemorrhages without transporting these patients to the radiology department. These patients are often critically ill, require support on the ventilator, and are connected to many various lines and monitoring device,” said Dr. Stuart Lee, neurosurgeon and clinical professor of surgery at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. “Their CT scans can now be obtained quickly without risk of transport and with a decreased likelihood of dislodging any important lines or monitors. We also plan to use the portable CT scanner in the neurosurgical operating rooms during surgery for various intracranial problems." 

The CT technologists at Vidant Medical Center have completed specific training from the Ceretom company to provide this new imaging technology for patients. 

"The technology improves our ability to image patients at the bedside with future enhancements in the area of intraoperative imaging,” said Sandra Sackrison, radiology administrator at Vidant Medical Center. 

With its wireless communication capability, the Ceretom interfaces with the Vidant electronic health record. Images are sent to the picture archiving and communications system. Physicians can view the images by accessing the patient’s medical record.

Benefits of the Ceretom include rapid scan time, flexible settings and immediate image viewing. It is designed for use in the operating room or intensive care rooms. 

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