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Greenville Police Department and Greenville Fire/Rescue honor health care heroes

April 10, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

"The Greenville Police Department and the Fire Department got together with Vidant PD to say thank you to all of our doctors, nurses and hospital staff," said Mark Holtzman, Chief of Police for the Greenville Police Department.

it's a show of support from those on the front lines to the health care heroes taking care of a region.

"We get oftentimes a pat on the back; it’s easy to see a police officer or a firefighter and say thank you," Chief Holtzman. "But this time around, when you see someone wearing those hospital scrubs or that hospital ID, they’re really – they are our true heroes."

DSC_0033.jpgAs Vidant team members changed shifts, officers and first responders showed up in a big way.

"This is an amazing and moving moment," said Dr. Julie Kennedy Oehlert, Chief Experience Officer at Vidant Health. "Because the heroes of our communities are welcoming our heroes to work."

"Right now, with no family and no visitors coming in we have a much quieter workspace," said Dr. Leigh Patterson, Interim Chair of Emergency Medicine at Vidant Medical Center. "So just to see other people and know, hey, they’re out there and they know we’re inside is just wonderful."

It’s mutual admiration for teams who serve – no matter what.

"We are in a new, unprecedented time and it calls for the kind of heroic showing up that our Vidant team members do every day," Dr. Oehlert said.

DSC_9160.jpg"When you see a storm coming, when you see uncertain times – it’s oftentimes a firefighter or police offer that are out there serving the community," Chief Holtzman said. "But during this event, it’s a medical event and it’s really this medical staff that is going to pull us through this."

Photos by Aaron Hines / City of Greenville

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