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Neuro-oncology: A patient-centered partnership

March 05, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

Vidant Cancer Care’s neuro-oncology strategy is built around fostering a partnership with local providers to get patients the right care they need through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes radiation oncology and neuro-oncology capabilities. 

VMC’s neuro-oncology is led by Dr. Jasmin Jo, who focuses on primary and secondary brain and spinal cord cancers and works with a team of multispecialty experts. 

Since joining Vidant in 2018, Dr. Jo has focused on finding ways to keep care close to home for cancer patients across eastern North Carolina. By partnering with local physicians, Dr. Jo and her team help create and coordinate a comprehensive plan across the continuum of care. 

“Our patient-centered mindset means that we are always going to do what is best for the communities we serve,” Dr. Jo said. “We know patients trust and rely on their local care providers so we want to ensure we are making them a part of the process as we work to provide the best care to the patient.” 

VMC also boasts cutting edge technology, including the newest Gamma Knife and Laster Interstitial Thermal Therapy.

VMC is one of only two hospitals in North Carolina with the latest Gamma Knife technology, which has the ability to deliver high doses of radiation to very small targets without making an incision or affecting healthy surrounding tissue. Some treatments can take as little as 15 minutes, providing a quicker and more comfortable experience for eligible cancer patients. 

To contact a team member at Vidant Cancer Care’s neuro-oncology program, call 252-816-2273.

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