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Leaders discuss how eastern North Carolina is experiencing COVID-19

April 07, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

Vidant Health CEO Dr. Michael Waldrum and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Niti Armistead joined Mark Woodson to discuss how COVID-19 is effecting eastern North Carolina.

The pair talked about the importance of limiting the spread of the virus, beginning with protecting our most vulnerable populations. The elderly and those with chronic diseases face the highest risk of serious infection from COVID-19.

“If we can flatten the wave of those who are at the highest risk right now we are going to be much better equipped to handle what is to come,” Dr. Armistead said. “All that we can do now to protect those most vulnerable citizens, we will be much better equipped to be able to face the demands of both our incoming COVID patients as well as all of the other conditions we care for every day.”

This is an important step to flattening the curve or wave. The more resources available in hospitals and health care facilities, the better patient outcomes we will see in our communities.

Dr. Waldrum stressed the importance of the measures that have been put into place by local, state and national officials. It is critical to stay home and only travel when absolutely necessary, practice good hygiene habits and clean high-touch areas often. He compared what is coming from COVID-19 to a hurricane.

“If we all had the opportunity when Hurricane Floyd was coming, for instance, to be able to do something to decrease that and make that a Category 2, would we have done it?” Dr. Waldrum asked. “I think the answer is yes. What people need to understand is that the health care community has a radar and can see this Category 5 coming at us. We can all change that.”

Vidant Health has resources available that explain what you can do to help stop the spread.

Dr. Waldrum also said Vidant’s commitment to keeping care close to home does not stop just because of the pandemic. Vidant is offering its telehealth option, VidantNow, at a reduced price with the use of the discount code vidantrelief20.

“Our strategy all along has been to push care as close to home as possible because that’s what our people need,” Dr. Waldrum said. “That hasn’t changed because of COVID and so how we extend virtual care, if we can treat people at home and also know about them and take care of them if they need hospital care.”

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