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Resources available to those recovering from Hurricane Dorian

November 19, 2019 posted by Vidant Health News

In the aftermath of a hurricane, there is a lot of stress for those impacted by the storm. While it may not be the first thing you think of, considering your mental health during this time should be a priority.

In the East, we are prone to hurricanes and have seen our fair share over the last few years. Hurricane Dorian hit eastern North Carolina in September of 2019 and left behind a lot of work to be done in the region.

Janet Joyner, behavioral health practice manager at Vidant Health, and Eric Hedberg, clinical social worker at Vidant Health, have both spent time on Ocracoke Island since the storm made landfall in the East. During their time on the island, they have met with local residents and talked through their experiences during recovery from the storm.

"We were quick to respond when Dorian hit Ocracoke and I feel like it's very important to assist in helping people," Joyner said. "We would go from porch to porch, the firehouse was a place where we met a lot of people and talked with them there. We had safe places that they could come and talk to us, because that's very important also."

Hedberg said the experience can be like a grief process. Some residents saw belongings washed from their homes and in some cases, homes that were in families for generations were lost. He said it is important to reach out to your support network during these times.

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