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Entering 2020 with an eye on health, wellness

December 30, 2019 posted by Vidant Health News

As the New Year approaches, many will make plans to take control of their diet and make a concerted effort to exercise more often.

Those plans often get thrown off track and unhealthy habits continue, but sticking to even small lifestyle changes can decrease the chances of developing chronic diseases.

Bronson Cline, exercise specialist at Vidant Wellness Center, outlined some of those small changes we can make to live healthier lives during a recent interview on WITN.

Eating better

  • Avoid convenient eating, like fast food.
  • Eat boxed meals less often and instead choose fresh fruits and vegetables when shopping.
  • Don't drink your calories, choose water instead.
  • Eat less solid fats at room temperature, like fats from meats, cheese and other dairy products.


Cline said the general guidelines for adults is to work out for 150 minutes a week, or a little more than 20 minutes per day. If it's too much to find 20 to 30 minutes at one time in a day, the exercise can be broken up and spaced out over time, it's just about getting your heart rate up. This can be done even without access to a gym. Walking around your neighborhood, around your house or even using stairs in your home to step up and down on can be excellent workout options.

"People think exercise is this big monster they can't fight, they can't win, but it really isn't that bad."

Bronson Cline, Exercise Specialist at Vidant Wellness Center

Sticking to health goals

  • Develop a routine and make it a priority, not an option.
  • Rely on a friend keep you accountable.
  • Take advantage of resources in the community, such as Vidant Wellness Center and its programs.

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