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Air Force takes time to honor health care heroes

May 01, 2020 posted by Vidant Health News

"I was so excited to see the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base going by," said Paula Tyson, a pharmacy technician at Vidant Medical Center.

The four F-15E Strike Eagles made quite an impression as they passed over Greenville.

“It’s just priceless," said Latrice Barnes, a paramedic at Vidant Medical Center, "and then to see everyone coming out and pulling together at a time such as this – it’s just, it’s amazing.”

It's a patriotic reminder that the work of health care heroes is noted – and appreciated.

“These jets going overhead is just a symbol that the world is watching what we do, that it matters to the country that our team members are showing up every day in the way that they are,” said Vidant Medical Center President Brian Floyd.

Vidant Medical Center was one of eight hospitals in eastern North Carolina to receive this show of support.

“This is the 21st largest hospital in the country," Floyd said. "So it doesn’t surprise me at all that if the military is going to do something to recognize health care, that they must show up here as well.”

“It brought tears to my eyes, because it meant so much that other people are actually realizing that we’re all doing things for a good cause,” Tyson said.

While life in the time of COVID can feel isolating, community encouragement in the many forms it has taken since the pandemic started, showcases how we still stand together. 

“Today, the world is paying attention to health care, for obvious reasons," Floyd said. "So what we see when our team members are emotional to the responses of first responders or the military – is just, gratitude.”

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