Gamma Knife

Brain Surgery Without the Knife-And Usually Home the Same Day

If you've been diagnosed with a brain tumor, metastatic cancer, trigeminal neuralgia or a vascular or neurological disorder, Gamma Knife® may be the treatment you've been searching for. Even if you've heard the word "inoperable" or are already undergoing chemo or immunotherapy for cancer.

Gamma Knife is non-invasive radiosurgery for brain tumors and abnormalities that were previously challenging or untreatable. For many patients, it is a better option than traditional brain surgery or radiation therapy. It is performed more than 70,000 times each year at hundreds of leading hospitals and brain cancer treatment centers around the world.

How It Works

The Gamma Knife procedure delivers 192 precisely focused beams of radiation to specific targets in the brain without harming the healthy surrounding tissue. It’s fast, painless and comes with fewer side effects than other treatments. Gamma Knife is nearly 90% effective at killing, shrinking or stopping the growth of brain tumors. Patients can return to normal activities as early as the next day, and Gamma Knife is typically much less expensive than traditional brain surgery.

Gamma Knife at Vidant Medical Center

Vidant Medical Center is one of only two Gamma Knife treatment centers in North Carolina. Our highly experienced and specially trained team has performed more than 1,300 Gamma Knife procedures since 2005, when we began offering this effective alternative to traditional open-brain surgery. Patients come to Vidant Medical Center not just from eastern North Carolina, but from around the country.

could gamma knife surgery be right for your brain cancer, trigeminal neuralgia, avm or other condition?

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