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To truly tell the story of Vidant Health, you must look beyond the buildings and medical technology. Vidant is defined by people. Patients, families, caregivers, community members, doctors, nurses, support staff – every person who interacts with us has a voice. We’ve gathered some of these stories of help, hope and healing.  Enjoy.

Bariatric surgery testimonials

Scarlette Rouse, Brian Nelson and Laurie Beck share their life-changing weight-loss experiences.

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Dr. Zervos' story

Dr. Emmanuel Zervos isn’t the type of physician who just breezes in the operating room, does his part of the job, and then leaves. He is a physician who willingly joins with other cancer care experts to take a team approach to treating, and hopefully curing, cancer patients.

Sherry's Story

When Sherry Vernelson found out she had breast cancer, she decided right then and there to take charge. It wasn't going to get the best of her. And it didn't.

Keosha's story

At 31 years old, the last thing you expect to hear from a doctor is that you have cancer. But that’s exactly what Keosha Wilkes heard from her medical team at Vidant Medical Center. Her life changed in an instant, but she vowed she wouldn’t give up, and she didn’t.

Judy's story

Patients credit cancer care navigators as being a huge help through their cancer journey. Judy Koutlas, the coordinator of the Cancer Care Navigator program at Vidant Health, says her team gets just as much from the patients as the patients get from them.

Employee Stories

Linda's Story

Linda Hofler, Senior VP, Nurse Executive for Vidant Medical Center

Jamysen's Story

A story about funding a fighting chance for a precious little girl. Jamysen got that chance, and hasn’t stopped amazing people since.

Priscilla's Story

Priscilla Knight is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Vidant Medical Center

Dr. Walker's Story

Every oncologist has experienced the same moment—a lonely walk down a long hallway to deliver news no cancer patient wants to hear.

Cynthia and Fred's Story

Cynthia and Fred, called “The Dynamic Duo” by their friends, do everything together. But they never expected to get cancer together.

Davis's Story

A story about funding hope for our future generations. When Davis needed the support of his local medical team, they all rallied.

Geri's Story

A story about funding first steps for the second time, and about getting people on the right path for healthy living. Not everyone gets a second chance. Geri earned hers.


Macy's Story

Macy has a long history of fundraising through both family and school. Lessons learned from her grandfather and experiences giving to children are preparing her to fund the future.

Dr. Raab's Story

Dr. Mary Raab is a practicing oncologist and has devoted much of her life to the fight against cancer. She is the honorary chair for the Vidant Cancer Care campaign for the Vidant Health Foundation.

Clay's Story

Clay Parker, Family Nurse Practitioner works with chronically ill children in the transitional care unit at Vidant Medical Center.

Phyllis's Story

When Phyllis was in college, her aunt became ill with cancer. Phyllis cared for her on multiple occasions. And that was the beginning of her nursing career.

Ray's Story

No matter how often people told Ray he had the “good” kind of cancer, he was afraid he would die and not be able to provide for his wife and three young children.

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer King Congleton is the Director of Volunteer Services at Vidant Medical Center

Roger's Story

Roger Robertson, Chief Corporate Services Officer at Vidant Health

Carroll's Story

His wife had already gone into the store. Suddenly, Carroll heard a loud noise, felt a pain in his arm and noticed he was bleeding profusely. Then he looked up and saw the gunman.

Employee Stories

Ben's Story

Meet Ben Hocutt

Dr. Bowling's Story

Meet Dr. Mark Bowling

Employee Stories

KeV’ann's Story

Meet KeV’ann Jarman

Employee Stories

Latasha's Story

Meet Latasha Roberson

Leeann and Lucas Moore

Meet Leeann and Lucas Moore

Employee Stories

Marlene's Story

Meet Marlene Stilley


Mark's Story

Meet Mark Woodson

Employee Stories

Piper's Story

Meet Piper Hughes

Employee Stories

Steve's Story

Meet Steve Smith

Kim’s Story

A legacy that will benefit patients for years to come


Wyatt's Story

Meet Wyatt the Warrior

Cathy's Story

Originally from upstate New York, Cathy Pfendler began her nursing career in the 1970s and has been with The Outer Banks Hospital since it first opened its doors in 2002.

Elizabeth's Story

The party on the Outer Banks was a ton of fun. Until it wasn’t.

Jessie's Story

Jessie Piacenza, HR manager for Kitty Hawk Kites, grew up mainly on the Outer Banks — but she and her husband had been away in Kansas City, MO, her husband’s hometown, for some years.

Len's Story

They knew we were coming. The communication between The Outer Banks Hospital and Chesapeake Regional is amazing.

Meri's Story

That personalization…you don’t get at larger facilities. We’re kind of like a little family.

Kevin's Story

So many doctors act like they’re doing you a favor when they come in your room, but Dr. Martin would actually talk to me.

Art's Story

The hospital has helped the Outer Banks grow by having the facility right there.

Sierra's Story

This job-shadowing opportunity set a path for Midgette in college.

Suzanne's Story

“You always hear how exercise is good for you…blah, blah, blah, well you know what? It really works!"

Candice's story

Candice went into labor and was admitted to the hospital. Within a couple of hours, she said she just didn’t feel like herself, but she couldn’t communicate what was wrong. “I didn’t have the capacity to tell anyone what I was feeling.”

From the region

One hospital is doing everything in its power to get breast cancer diagnosed – and treated – as early as possible.

Sherry’s Story

Multiple sclerosis was not going to rob Sherry Robinson of her independence. She took charge of her health with help from Vidant Wellness Center.

Employee Stories

Prigett's Story

Meet Prigett Higgs

Mike's story

The last thing on Mike Bert’s mind when he went to get his stitches removed was a cancer diagnosis. But there he was, sitting in the doctor’s office hearing what he thought was a death sentence.

Employee Stories

All We Share

Vidant Health team members gathered recently to take part in a little exercise that proves we all have more in common that we realize.

Patient Stories

Bariatric surgery testimonials

Scarlette Rouse, Brian Nelson and Laurie Beck share their life-changing weight-loss experiences.

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