Pediatric Sedation

We offer pediatric sedation at James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital to ensure that your child is both safe and comfortable during his or her stay.

Sedation means that we give your child medicine to help him or her relax and/or fall asleep before a procedure. If the procedure is painful, we will also give medicine to relieve pain. Usually, sedation medicine is injected into a vein.

If your procedure is during a planned appointment, you will likely be in our Pediatric Day/Medical Unit (PDAY). We encourage you and your child to schedule a tour of the treatment area prior to appointment day. You can talk with a staff member who will explain the procedure and the sedation process in detail. Call 252-847-2580 to schedule your tour.

Our sedation team consists of physicians, pediatric nurse practitioners (or PNPs), nurses and child life specialists (or CLSs). A member of the sedation team will contact you prior to your appointment to learn more about your child’s medical experiences. At that time, the member will discuss more information about what to expect on the day of your child’s appointment and when to arrive at the designated area. Please try to arrive on time so your child’s procedure can go as planned and proper paperwork can be completed. A CLS will meet you and your child upon arrival and will begin assessing your child’s coping skills. The CLS will also prepare you and your child for the sedation experience. The physician or PNP will provide a general physical of the child and ask a series of questions about your child’s medical experiences. A consent form will be explained and must be signed by the parent/guardian prior to the start of the procedure. Together, you and the team will determine the appropriate plan of care.

The sedation team will watch your child closely until he or she is awake. When your child is able to drink and feels more like him or herself, you will be able to leave. Before leaving, the nurse will discuss with you an information sheet that explains what to expect over the next several hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 252-847-2580 with any questions.

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